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Tuesday, March 3rd 2009, 7:06am

Player in my Uni that does not exist, anymore at least

Hello, I am not sure if is this the place to ask about this, but I readed in the FAQ section of the mines oproject site and there is not a HoF admin in my universe to send a personal E-Mail, and a link that says "if there is not a HoF admin in your universe click here" links me to a page with the message "You are not allowed to enter this site". So I do not have other way to tell this and see if it can be solved.

I play Universe3.US
This is our production HoF, the top #2 player at this moment, called Luigi is not in the universe, I checked it by ingame search, OGame stats, so called WarRiders and nothing, I do not find it, and have been playing for one year in the universe and never knew a guy called like him.…uni=3&domain=25

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Tuesday, March 3rd 2009, 9:58pm



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