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Friday, December 7th 2012, 3:22am

oProjekt 2.0: Getting Started!

OProjekt Dear Members,

With our new version, some things have changed.

  • The most important thing is that there is an option now called "Test Profile" and "in-game profiles". Test profiles are profiles that only you can see and do what you want with, (ie. 99 Metal mines). "In-game profiles" associated with your in-game account offer enhanced functionality. We have attempted to change your profiles to, convert in-game profiles. But many have not been automatically changed so we recommend, first off, under Profiles - convert> Edit your profile in-game profiles, if they represent an in-game account of yours.
  • Your own signature backgrounds we could NOT save, unfortunately. They have to be uploaded again.
  • The Plasma Tech option has been added, and you can now have as many planets as you wish!
  • We are aware that at one point or another we may have some minor bugs. If you discover a bug, we would appreciate it if you reported this immediately to our support team, so we can take care of it as quickly as possible!

your oProjekt-Team

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